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Students about ipwt

All say 'we are different' but most are telling fibs. We say it because we really are. IPWT® always offers its students something different - something which helps you stand out, something that makes you realise the difference between 'good' and 'extraordinary'. Why should you choose us? Have a look at what our ex-students says about us.

Ravi Kumar - Team Leader
Tauseef Ahmad Khan

Swadeshi Infosystems (P) Ltd.

From the first visit of IPWT to till now i got so much knowledge and confidence and still the learning at this institute is coninuously benefitting me. The way of teaching and exploring the creativity ( that is very important to any designer) inside you makes this institute special and very rare. I have been enjoing the challenges of the designing industry since one and half year and continuously getting compliments due to learning in such an innovative environment. The constant endeavor of the team of this college makes student to variance in heaven of the designing world. Let itinerate in your heaven of designing becouse "When you are taught by stars ,the sky is the limit". Thank You IPWT.

Ravi Kumar - Team Leader
Varun Bhatia

Web designer

After spending 6 months in IPWT, I felt that I am totally a changed man.I am more confident now and the credit goes to ipwt a great institute for designing, It was a great pleasure for me being a part of this prestigious company they always helped their students in every difficulty which we faced in designing they give us deep knowledge of every software and lastly now I can say that I am a good web designer.

Ravi Kumar - Team Leader
Arif Ali

Ali WebSol

Both the Web and Graphic Design courses were excellent. I can see how all the skills build upon each other and the students can bring things full circle the further they get in the program. The format of the course is great: I like the small classroom and the fact that with 6 or so students you get the attention you need. Kishore Beniwal is an excellent trainer. He goes the extra mile to make sure you have the info you need. SR Madhukar is also excellent. He never loses patience.